Listen to Amphibious Zoo's high tension track "Head Hunter" on this spot for the new movie Silence.

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AZ006 Drum Head Percussion 1

The ultimate collection of hard-hitting percussion grooves, beats and effects with epic orchestral undertones.

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AZ057 Dubtronic- Electro dance music with epic dubstep drops and club banging break-downs creates a neon pulse with a fist-pumping techno beat. Take a listen and download HERE.

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AZ051- Terminal Trailer Collection- Drumhead 2

AZ051- Terminal Trailer Collection- Drumhead 2:  Epic drums roll through cinematic tracks with hard hitting percussive beats and effects with plenty of drama. Relentless tribal drums and world beats collide into fast and furious action tracks with dramatic brass swells,...

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AZ048-Big Beats 4 – Electric Smile

Our upbeat, happy mix of party rockin’ beats are guaranteed to make you smile. You will find all things high energy, big beat and fun from nu disco electro pop to uptempo vintage vibes. Each track is infused with an...

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AZ039 Full Contact 2- Annihilation

A soul-blinding, nu-metal assault on the senses with commercial appeal.   Hard-hitting, massive drums and high-powered electric guitars and bass power through aggressive undertones.

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Snow White And the Huntsman

Listen for “Freak Zone” from AZ006- DRUM HEAD-PERCUSSION 1 in trailers for SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN.

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