Listen to Amphibious Zoo's high tension track "Head Hunter" on this spot for the new movie Silence.

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AZ006 Drum Head Percussion 1

The ultimate collection of hard-hitting percussion grooves, beats and effects with epic orchestral undertones.

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Amphibious Zoo Music is thrilled to welcome our newest music library- Audio Monkey Production Music to the family! The first seven CDs are already online and new CDs will be going up weekly for a starting collection of 18 CDs....

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We are caught up in the CrossFit extreme fitness movement.  When our sports passion combines with our ability to make dramatic, tense music, you can hear the results for yourself.  Check out the track "Colossus" from AZ051- Drumhead 2 on...

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The brand new CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 2 "Vengeance" trailer features our track "The Company" from Alchemy Music's THE ALCHEMIST (@ 1:36).

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Check out promos for NBC's Hannibal featuring Amphibious Zoo's "Dark Vengeance" from Dark Side 2

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AL002 – The Alchemist 2.0 – Meltdown

The second, heart-stopping release from Alchemy Music.  An unstoppable, driving force of apocalyptic terror drives hard and hits with cataclysmic force.  Hellfire rains down with Dubstep/orchestral hybrid sections and a surreal infusion of industrial rock. Dubstep style synths, earth shaking...

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