See highlights from the all new Darwin Music Catalog -  Emmy-Award winning composer and mastermind behind Darwin Music, Sam Cardon, said “producers get tired of hearing tracks that they’ve previously used in other people’s productions.  Darwin offers a deep, fresh pool...

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DM006 Gusto

Try to keep from smiling! Gusto brings us a catchy and upbeat collection of irresitible pop. Sunny and fun with surprises at every turn, this is crack cocaine for ads and promos.

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Baroque Coco

Enjoy this quirky, fun exploration of the new track Baroque Coco from Kurt Bestor Music. Nothing like a like personality in your music!

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No One Has To Know

Look behind the scenes of AZ036- Destination Pop 2- Electro Pop and watch Melody Blume perform "No One Has To Know."

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Behind The Scenes with Funk 2

Look behind the scenes of Amphibious Zoo Music's AZ054- Funk 2 with composers David Halliday and Thomas Hopkins.  The funk won't stop here!

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Watch Me Fly

Take a look behind the scenes of AZ052: Electro Pop 3 with Jamen Brooks and Melodie Blume recording the track "Watch Me Fly."

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We have some of the best composers in the industry working with us. Check out this interview with Amphibious Zoo composer Jerry Williams.  Williams discusses his career and work on AZ050 Blues 2: A crushing loud interpretation of Blue Rock...

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