Listen to Amphibious Zoo's high tension track "Head Hunter" on this spot for the new movie Silence.

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AZ006 Drum Head Percussion 1

The ultimate collection of hard-hitting percussion grooves, beats and effects with epic orchestral undertones.

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Check out this interview with Amphibious Zoo composer Lisle Moore and get a personal tour of his studio, Garage Mahal.  Lisle gives us an in depth look at his writing process and work on AZ051 Terminal Trailer Collection= Drumhead 2.

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AZ051- Terminal Trailer Collection- Drumhead 2

AZ051- Terminal Trailer Collection- Drumhead 2:  Epic drums roll through cinematic tracks with hard hitting percussive beats and effects with plenty of drama. Relentless tribal drums and world beats collide into fast and furious action tracks with dramatic brass swells,...

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Pacific Rim

Check out Alchemy Music's "Fatal Prophesy" kicking off this trailer for Pacific Rim. This track is sure to fight monsters head on.  The four horsemen of the Apocalypse draw their chariots across the sky as a brittle beat of pure...

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You Might Need An Escape Plan

Alchemy's track "The Company Remix" definitely doesn't hit like a vegetarian.  We weren't pulling any punches on this track featured in "Escape Plan".

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The brand new CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 2 "Vengeance" trailer features our track "The Company" from Alchemy Music's THE ALCHEMIST (@ 1:36).

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