Audio Monkey Production Music was created by studio owner/audio engineer Dan Carlisle (Soularium Recording Studios) and producer/composer Matt Cropper. Although logistically Dan and Matt may be the masterminds behind the corporate organization of the company, they are adamant about making sure people know that they are only a small part of the creative force behind Audio Monkey. They are partnering with a team of world-class musicians and producers who will be creating a constant flow of creative content for the library.


Dan Carlisle has been in the entertainment business since the age of 15. At 15 years old Dan loaded his parents car with DJ equipment and made his mom drive him to his gigs. While studying communications in college Dan decided to contact the local radio station for some “real life” experience and Dan “The Kid” Carlisle was introduced. Before graduating college Dan began working in a recording studio and thus began his behind-the-scenes entertainment career. Fast-forward 5 years to 1998 and Dan opens his own studio, Soularium Recording Studios.


Over the past few decades Dan has worked on music for film, television, radio and events. His credits include the 2002 Olympics, Disney, CBS Sports, Miramax, Trimark Pictures, Lions Gate Films, MTV, Nitro Circus, David Archuleta, Donny and Marie Osmond, and Robert Redford just to name a few.


Dan has noticed a shift over the years of producers turning to production music libraries as an alternative to creating original content. With his state of the art recording facility and relationships with world-class talent, it seemed like a no brainer for Dan to create Audio Monkey Production Music. Keep your ear out for new quality content that will be coming out of the Audio Monkey music machine.



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