Cirque du Soleil

Another trailer using AZ Music! "Minor Fantasy" from our Terminal Trailer Collection. Enjoy!

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AZ042- Dark Side 2- Phobia

Prepare to confront your greatest fears with this dark and twisted collection of spine chilling thrillers.  Driving industrial rock and electronica meet orchestral swells to set the stage for enigmatic mysteries and disturbing horrors.

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Snow White And the Huntsman

Listen for “Freak Zone” from AZ006- DRUM HEAD-PERCUSSION 1 in trailers for SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN.

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AZ041- Electro Pop 2

An ode to party rocking dance beats and electro infused pop styles.  This collection features upbeat tracks with catchy hooks and a touch of hip hop, dance, R&B, soul, electro- house and synth pop worthy of topping any popular music...

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The Americano

This Americano trailer features our title track "Suspended Adrenaline" off of AZ001- Suspended Adrenaline 1. (starting at 0:58 through the entire backend.)

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Madea’s Witness Protection

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