Come On – Making Classic New Again

Enjoy this trailer for the upcoming release of Disney's Pinnochio on Blueray/DVD for the first time! Featuring Amphibious Zoo Music's "Come On" from AZ070 Retro Electro - EP

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Have you listened to Amphibious Zoo Music's latest EP? AZ070 Retro Electro featured fun old-school beats and a funky retro flavor fused with party rockin' electro pop. Listen and download here-

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AZ070 Retro Electro - EP

Fun old-school beats and a funky retro flavor collide with party rockin' electro pop.

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Killjoys TV Show premieres this week. Check out this promo featuring "The Job" from Amphibious Zoo Music's AZ001- Suspended Adrenaline

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AZ057 Dubtronic- Electro dance music with epic dubstep drops and club banging break-downs creates a neon pulse with a fist-pumping techno beat. Take a listen and download HERE.

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No One Has To Know

Look behind the scenes of AZ036- Destination Pop 2- Electro Pop and watch Melody Blume perform "No One Has To Know."

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“The Grit” with Kohls and Lauren Conrad Boots

The holidays are rolling in quickly but you don't have to go the traditional route with your Christmas music.  Check out "The Grit" from AZ048- Big Beats 4: Electric Smile on this commercial for Kohls.

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