Trial & Error

Who doesn't love John Lithgow? Especially when he is cast as an eccentric “rollercizing” poetry professor accused of murdering his wife? This funny promo for NBC's upcoming show Trial and Error features "Come On" from Amphibious Zoo Music's AZ070 Retro Electro - EP. It...

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AZ070 Retro Electro - EP

Fun old-school beats and a funky retro flavor collide with party rockin' electro pop.

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Come On – Making Classic New Again

Enjoy this trailer for the upcoming release of Disney's Pinnochio on Blueray/DVD for the first time! Featuring Amphibious Zoo Music's "Come On" from AZ070 Retro Electro - EP

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Quarry Featurette

Check out this Cinemax featurette for Quarry featuring Truth Serum from our AZ001 Suspended Adrenaline

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The Last Witch Hunter

Listen to "Reaping" from Alchemy Music's AL003-Revolt on this trailer for The Last Witch Hunter

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Killjoys TV Show premieres this week. Check out this promo featuring "The Job" from Amphibious Zoo Music's AZ001- Suspended Adrenaline

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AZ058- Indie Anthems 2- Indietronic

Upbeat, fun indie-electro, folktronica, EDM and alternative rock anthems with powerful mob vocal choruses. High energy electro elements and emotionally charged rock elements combine with infectious beats and catchy melodies.

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