Come On – Making Classic New Again

Enjoy this trailer for the upcoming release of Disney's Pinnochio on Blueray/DVD for the first time! Featuring Amphibious Zoo Music's "Come On" from AZ070 Retro Electro - EP

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Listen to Amphibious Zoo's high tension track "Head Hunter" on this spot for the new movie Silence.

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AZ006 Drum Head Percussion 1

The ultimate collection of hard-hitting percussion grooves, beats and effects with epic orchestral undertones.

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Troll Hunters

Enjoy the new trailer for Troll Hunters from Netflix using "APPROACHING DARKNESS" from AZ061 Dark Fantasy 1 - Terminal Trailer Collection

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The Shallows

Enjoy this trailer for The Shallows featuring "Skinny Dip" from Alchemy Music's AL004 Revolt 2.

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Don’t Say it, Don’t Think It

Don't say it, don't think it! The Bye Bye Man is coming for you featuring "The Elements" from Alchemy Music's AL003 Revolt.

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World Of Warcraft

Alchemy Music's "Invasion" from AL004- Revolt 2 is featured on trailers for Warcraft.

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